Company history. A tradition of customer care.

Herman Shooster Old Photo

Our company was founded in 1974 by Herman Shooster, who learned about customer care long before he started Global Response.

Herman’s business education began at the age of 12, when he worked pumping gas at his father’s gas station in Chester, Pennsylvania. His dad then built a drive-in restaurant next to it, and Herman became the short order cook at the age of 14.

Shooster Gas Station Historical Photo

He served honorably as a medic in the Pacific during World War II. When the war ended, he earned a B.A. in Marketing from Temple University and has been working as an entrepreneur ever since.

Shooster’s Restaurant was one of the places where rock music was born. The state eventually bought out the business and used the land to build a bridge across the Delaware River.

Herman entered the new frozen food industry, took his company public, and moved to Florida with his wife and kids. In Florida, he acquired a small answering service called Ding A Ling.

Ding A Ling Answering Service

The answering service business model appealed to Herman because you never have excess inventory on hand. In those days, your only partner was the phone company (figuratively speaking, of course). When you brought on new customers, you simply hired more people to answer the calls. It was a great business model.

Today, what started out as a small answering service has grown to become Global Response, one of the nation’s leading contact center and fulfillment companies, serving America’s most prestigious brands.

Global Response Expands

In addition to its headquarters in Margate, Florida, Global Response has an office in Marquette, Michigan, as well as Iron River, Michigan.

You can read the full story behind the Iron River location here.

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